About Mehr Arad Gostar Company

Mehr Arad Gostar Company (MAG Filter) was established in 2003 with the aim of producing all kinds of industrial filters and supplying the filter media needed by the industry.
Since its establishment, Mehr Arad Gostar has set factors such as superior quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery time and providing technical after-sales services as the criteria of action in order to secure the benefits and satisfaction of its customers. In this way, in 2008, in cooperation with leading European companies in this field, this company was able to use the fully automatic production line of dust filter bags using the thermal connection method.
Mehr Arad Gostar Company, with the motive of producing and supplying all kinds of filter needs of the country’s industries, has also put the production of air, oil, gas, and solution filters on its agenda since 2009. We at Mehr Arad Gostar will continue this as a great mission until reaching the desired perfection.

More than 20 years of experience

Our focus is on research and development, design and manufacture of all kinds of industrial filters. Mehr Arad Gostar Company provides high quality products to customers with the support of expert technical team, advanced equipment, committed personnel and precise quality control tools.

You have drawing

If the required drawings are available, send them to our commercial department. The company’s technical team can make the filter according to your drawings in coordination with the production department.

You have special requirement

If you have a special requirement, please send us the details, our technical team can make drawing as your request.

You have sample

If it is available, the best way is to send the filter sample to the product engineering unit of Mehr Arad Gostar Company for design and manufacturing based on the sample.

Available brands

Mehr Arad Gostar Company, with 20 years of experience in the production of industrial filters, has comprehensive knowledge of global brands active in this field. This company is able to provide all kinds of reliable brands including Pall Filter, Norman Filter, Boll Filter, Donaldson, Hydac, Camfil and etc to its customers.
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