Product specification

Avaliable sizes: 250mm (10″) – 620mm (25″)

Avaliable depths: 22mm (1″), 47mm (2″) & 95mm (4″)

Filter medias:

G4 – Blue
F6 – Green
F7 – Pink
F8 – Yellow
Grade Efficiency| Air Flow | Initial Resistance| Final Resistance| Temp. Resistance|  Class
G4 >90%|  2380m³/hr|   50Pa|  250Pa|  100ºc|  EN779
F6 65%|  3400m³/hr|   75Pa|  250Pa|  100ºc|  EN779
F7 85%|  3400m³/hr| 100Pa|  250Pa|  100ºc|  EN779
F8 95%|  3400m³/hr| 120Pa|  250Pa|  100ºc|  EN779


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